New Designers unveils our creative future with 3,000 graduate designers


20 July 2018

New Designers – the UK’s biggest graduate design show has completed another edition, successfully marking its 33rd year of launching more than 3,000 graduates from over 200 creative courses into the industry in London’s Business Design Centre. As part of the event over 60 awards and prizes were also presented to recognise the very best ideas and innovations. In addition to celebrating radical new ideas from the next generation, the creative industry and design-conscious public were also able to discover 100 hand-picked  design businesses  in their first year of business, selected to showcase their unique products in the curated section ‘One Year In’ – giving the opportunity for visitors to buy directly from their  makers.


Across the spectrum of disciplines on display at New Designers 2018, a number of material, process and thematic trends were clearly identifiable among the university graduates and the design entrepreneurs in  One Year In. Read on to find out more.

  • HEALTH & WELLBEING Many emerging designers are employing design thinking to address public-health challenges or nurture social wellbeing in ingenious new ways.
  • SUSTAINABLE SURFACES Material sustainability is at the heart of a growing number of exhibitors’ practice, and this year’s New Designers presents an abundance of creative approaches to rethinking natural substances, recycling used products and repurposing waste to create intriguing new forms and surface textures.
  • URBAN LIVING As our cities expand, our living spaces contract, and homes become less permanent. The next generation of designers is responding to the constraints of increasing urbanisation, finding possibilities for innovation in smaller spaces and more itinerant lifestyles.
  • GEOMETRICS Striking, simple shapes and the patterns of geometry are widely in evidence across the exhibition hall – not only in graphic design, but informing the aesthetics in other disciplines too.
  • POLITICS, ETHICS & IDENTITY From the playful and satirical to the urgent and earnest, in a period of considerable political and societal upheaval, it’s no surprise that the designers are engaging with many of the issues and concerns facing their generation through their creative output.



Bursting with ambition and radical ideas, New Designers 2018 unveils the imaginations set to shape the design world of tomorrow. Over two weeks, and spanning every discipline in modern making, the event presents the work of more than 3,000 hand-picked design talents currently in education. Discover disruptive new thinking, meet the pacesetters, and get a first look at our creative future.


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