MOVE IT 2011 – the biggest dance show in the UK reveals new dance trends for 2011


21 December 2013

MOVE IT, the biggest dance event in the UK, REVEAL the dance trends that will be shaking up the nation in 2011!

 What’s more, anyone can learn the latest dance craze through a step by step guide on the MOVE IT website by visiting

1. Indie Ballet
This shock new ballet style is all about the music – classic ballet pirouettes, pique and twirls blended with rocky indie tunes to make a totally unique style of dance, movement and entertainment. Professional dancers and public alike will be merging jaw-dropping splits to music from the likes of Razorlight, The Futureheads, Franz Ferdinand, and Gomez.

2. Waacking
Originating from the US, the Waacking phenomenon will be sweeping our nation due to its cool new funk style. Inspired by Madonna’s ‘Vogueing’, this underground street dance movement is much faster and packs even more attitude, style and passion.

3. Heyday Dance
Rewind the clock – 1920’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s – the choice is yours. End of war celebrations were the hey days, now this retro dance style is destined to be the top trend for next year. Heavily Influenced by vintage fashion, think old skool dance halls, flappers, tea dances and Fred Astaire, it’s a classic with a twist for 2011!

4. Iconic 1980s
The Flashdance era is back! Big hair, loud clothes, leg warmers and dramatic movements form the basis of this iconic 80’s dance movement.

5. Cheerleading

Give me a M, O, V, E I, T !! Cheerleading? We say, Bring It On! With Glee hitting our screens to mass popularity and recent visits from the amazing NFL and NBA dance troupes, American cheering will be infiltrating dance studios across the Country.

Creative Director, George Harper comments “The top trends this year really reflect the fact that people want to have fun and inject their workout with a new twist. If it is ballet, add a new soundtrack. Aerobics? Add an 80’s dance twist. Also people love dressing up so the vintage styles like Charleston and Lindy Hop really allow you to work a look while you workout. Cheerleading is my biggest tip – this is already a massive scene in the UK that few people know about. It will be THE craze in 2011 and it’s not just for girls – boys are getting in on the action too!

Check out MOVE IT between 10th and 13th March 2011 to see some of these new dance crazes in action – you can even test out your own skills at our taster session classes.

Featuring live performances, dance classes, top exhibitors, freestyle stages, competitions, masterclasses, auditions and interviews there’s something for everyone and this year’s show. Whether it’s ballroom, ballet, hip hop or cha cha – MOVE IT offers you the chance to create your ideal day of dance. Perfect for beginners or professionals, students, fitness enthusiasts or just simply for an awe inspiring day out, MOVE IT is the only show for all things dance!

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